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Spinal Cord Injury Settlement

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by Bradley Dworkin

Spinal cord injuries that result from the negligence or actions of another party are among the most life-changing an individual can experience. It is important to seek legal representation from an attorney who understands the significant and long-term impact that spinal cord injuries have on their clients and the rest of their lives. Sustaining a spinal cord injury, no matter how severe, can affect the settlement of a personal injury case in Illinois in a number of ways. Because a spinal cord injury has such long-term effects on an individual’s lifestyle, earning power and need for continued medical treatment, personal injury settlements for victims suffering this disability are often in the millions of dollars.

Preparing for a personal injury trial in Illinois involving a spinal cord injury involves intensive as well as expensive preparation. Although most personal injury attorneys offer to take such cases on a contingency basis in which the client does not have to pay any upfront fees and the law office fronts the money for all expenses involved with the case, clients must realize that attorney fees, medical expenses and court expenses will be deducted from the total damages received on their behalf as the victim.

A spinal cord injury case in the Illinois court system usually involves expenses to hire independent medical experts to testify on behalf of the client, fees to pay experts regarding the damage caused by sustaining a spinal cord injury, court expenses in addition to all costs incurred in order to take depositions from all witnesses involved in making a case against the defendant. Because a law firm may have to advance tens of thousands of dollars in expenses before a spinal cord injury case ever makes it to trial, it is essential that a plaintiff hire an attorney who is very knowledgeable about spinal cord injuries and exactly how they affect not only the individual sustaining an injury but also the impact on their families and loved ones.

An attorney who has successful experience getting settlements for spinal cord injury patients will have realistic expectations about what the client deserves and will not agree to inadequate or lowball settlement offers. Because attorney, medical and other fees associated with filing a lawsuit must be taken out of the final settlement money obtained, it is essential to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney will who fight for the largest settlement possible. This means that your settlement must be sufficient to cover all attorney, medical and court expenses in addition to ensuring your financial well-being as an individual whose disability will require medical treatments for the rest of your life.

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