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Dog Bite Claims Fetch Big Pay Out

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by Bradley Dworkin

Across the U.S., dogs are considered part of the family. Kids sneak their best friend bites of chicken as it waits patiently under the dining room table. Sloppy licks to the face wake up mom and dad to start the morning. These are the times people hold dear with their furry friends. However, even with these adorable moments, danger can be just around the corner.


Even well-trained dogs that are usually sweet and gentle can act aggressively when they feel threatened or believe their human is being harmed. In 2016, dog attack victims received $602 Million in compensation for their injuries. The injured are not money hungry adults looking for an easy pay day either. In fact, the age group that suffers the most from dog-related injuries is 5 to 9 year-olds. Although in many cases the injured party knows the owner of the dog this doesn’t mean a claim isn’t necessary. Legal proceedings may be pursued as medical bills pile up, despite an existing friendship between the two parties.


There have been over 900 dog bite claims filed in the state of Illinois in 2016. While many dog owners think they are covered through their homeowner or premise policy, some are disqualified based on their dog’s breed. Such clauses exclude (but are not limited to) breeds that are considered more dangerous, like Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Pit bulls.


In the past decade the average pay out for a dog attack is on the rise. It’s important to know if you’re covered, or if you are the victim, what your options are. Navigating the terms between the at-fault party and the victim is tricky, and is best left to professionals. Serious injury may have occurred and while the circumstances are unfortunate, the recovery of the victim is what’s most important.


If you or someone you know suffered an injury from an animal-related attack, please feel free to contact our office to assess your options at 312-702-0600.


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