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The United States has one of largest populations in the world, meaning the roadways are sometimes overcrowded with daily drivers. An abundance of vehicle-related transportation can cause unfortunate occurrences in the form of accidents. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in this country and can take over 30,000 lives per year.


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Being involved in an accident is not a preferable experience and can just be the beginning to a long road of tumultuous problems. In many cases the cause of the accident itself can be attributed to the negligence of one of the involved parties. There are a large collection of traffic laws that are created for your safety. If any of these laws are violated, there can be dire consequences that span from minor injury, all the way to death.

Common types of cases that our Chicago car accident lawyer can handle are:

  • Side collision: Also known as being side-swiped, this is when two vehicles are side-by-side (parallel to each other) and one scraped against the side of the other.
  • Intersectional collision: Also known as being t-boned, this is when two vehicles are perpendicular to each other and one hits the other, usually on the right or left side.
  • Rear impact: Also known as being rear-ended, this is when one vehicle hits the back of another. This can sometimes create a chain reaction and cause a multi-car pileup.
  • Frontal impact: Also known as being hit head-on, this is when two vehicles are facing opposite directions and collide front-to-front.

These unfortunate events are also most common around the parking lots, neighborhoods, during commutes, and within intersections. There are also many other unique situations that are capable of transpiring.

If you were recently involved in a car accident that resulted in an injury, you may be eligible to receive a fair settlement. The law protects you from certain instances of traffic code infringements and our expert Chicago car accident attorneys at Dworkin & Maciariello are ready to help. We know that medical bills are capable of accruing faster than you can keep up and we don’t think that’s a fair place for you to be in.

We have a surplus of experience and with our free claim review, are willing to fight for your compensation. The law requires that all traffic cases must be submitted within a certain window of time, so don’t waste any more days feeling helpless and call us today at 888-779-4889.



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