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Slips and Falls on Ice – Who’s Responsible

Posted on | Categories: Slip and Fall
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Slips and falls can happen on any surface during any time of the year, but these incidents are more common during the winter time due to an accumulation of ice and snow on the ground. These seemingly simple accidents can lead to severe injuries that require medical attention, but who is liable for the damages?…

Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Posted on | Categories: Motor Vehicle Accidents
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Motorcycle safety is a major concern, especially in the big city traffic. Time and time again we have seen stories on the news such as “rider fatality after motorcycle gets struck by turning truck” or “motorcycle rider in intensive care after hitting a pothole.” These incidents are all too common and completely avoidable with a…

Construction problem

Construction Defects and How to Prove Them?

Posted on | Categories: Construction Accidents
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A construction defect is an issue in a home that reduces the value of it. It can be caused by negligent construction, site selection and planning, improper soil analysis and preparation and defective building material. Some examples of construction defects are as followed: Dry rot Water issues Mold Electrical system issues Faulty drainage Foundation issues…

construction injury

How Common are Construction Accidents?

Posted on | Categories: Construction Accidents
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Accidents on construction sites happen very frequently. 1 in 5 workers deaths happened in the construction industry. Injuries sustained from these accidents are severe and can even be fatal. Construction workers experienced the most serious injuries of any industry in the private sector in 2009. Data found by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…


Construction Trends for 2016

Posted on | Categories: Construction Accidents
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As we welcome in a new year, construction analysts are already predicting 2016 will be a good  year for the industry with strong demands and flourishing businesses. They have predicted a 6% growth with the value of construction reaching an estimated $712 billion, despite the recession that caused many employees to leave the industry and…

statute of limitations

How is my case Affected by the Statute of Limitations?

Posted on | Categories: Personal Injury
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A personal injury accident can have you lost, not knowing what to do next. How severe your injury was, insurance limits and other details of your case are factors that will determine how much compensation you will receive after your accident also known as damages. Damages This amount is ultimately determined by the judge. It…


Traffic Is At An All-Time High This Time Of Year

Posted on | Categories: Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents
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We are only a few days shy from the end of the year. Every year a high number of travelers hit the road to see their loved ones for the holiday celebration. So it is not a surprise that traffic volumes increase significantly during the holidays. Drivers share the roads with not only cars but…

Safety tips for the workplace

Safety Tips to be Aware of While at Work

Posted on | Categories: Personal Injury, Uncategorized
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It is very important to stay healthy and safe at work. After all, the average American will work from ages 20-65 for 40 hours a week.  No matter what your job may be reducing injury and illness at work will help create a healthy work environment for all. Know your work rights. OSHA There are…

What can I do if my Manager Refuses to Approve Time off?

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If you find yourself in a situation where you requested time off and your manager refused to honor your request, then it is in your best interest to try to work with cooperatively with your company’s Human Resources department along with the company’s management. Try to compromise or settle for an alternative date that they will allow you…

Who Is Liable for Construction Injuries?

Posted on | Categories: Construction Accidents
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Construction worksites are very dangerous because of the heavy equipment and working conditions. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration or OSHA for short there were approximately 4,600 workers who died on the job in 2014.Whether it’s a small project or a major commercial development each day many workers put their lives at risk…

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