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3 code violations that can lead to a slip-and-fall accident

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by Bradley Dworkin

A personal injury attorney in Chicago understands that whenever people step foot outside, they are placing their lives in the hands of the individuals and businesses all around them. When these people fail to properly maintain their properties, injuries and fatalities are often the result.

Code violations occur when buildings and the properties on which they sit are not constructed or maintained according to municipal, state and federal codes. These codes are used to ensure that every building that people may use is safe and habitable. Unfortunately, some businesses or other property owners fail to properly maintain these structures. Others may choose to save money in the building process by forgoing necessary safety features. Many of these violations can cause life-altering accidents, including slip-and-falls. The following three code violations are particularly dangerous and may greatly contribute to slip-and-fall accidents.

  1. Improperly built stairs

    Stairs have a significant number of codes associated with their construction due to their high potential for falls. Virtually all codes state the need for handrails at certain heights and at certain widths. When these details are neglected they can cause patrons to slip and fall, even if nothing else was improperly constructed or maintained. Additional potentially dangerous code violations include improper stair height and depth, uneven stairs, broken or crumbling steps, and rotting wooden stairs.

  2. Inadequate lighting

    Property owners are required to provide adequate lighting for those in or around their buildings. When people cannot see potential obstacles all around them due to dim or missing light, they can easily become injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Areas that must be lighted include hallways, entry ways, stairwells, common areas and parking lots or garages. When inspectors discover these lighting code violations, they often give property owners no more than three days to remedy the situation. A personal injury attorney in Chicago knows that when landlords and property owners fail to act appropriately in these situations, many people may be injured.

  3. Pooling downspouts

    In Illinois’ warmer months, pooling downspouts are often more of an annoyance than a danger. However, as the temperature drops these pools of rainwater can freeze into large, slick patches of ice. Under Illinois code, property owners may be held liable for damages caused by slip-and-falls due to these frozen puddles.

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious life-long injuries, including traumatic brain injury and broken bones. Those who have suffered these or other injuries due to code violations should contact a personal injury attorney in Chicago immediately. With their assistance, injured parties may be able to recover damages for their injuries and associate future medical expenses.

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